One of the goals of Bear Valley Unified is to make sure parents are invited to engage in their students' education, feel valued and listened to, and feel welcome at their child's school. Please take a few minutes to carefully and thoughtfully answer the following questions. Please note that all answers are anonymous. We appreciate your input.
Thank you for your time.

1. My involvement in my child's education is appreciated and encouraged at my school.

* 2. I regularly attend a decision making committee at the site or district level. (School Site Council, Parent Booster club, English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), Local Control Accountability Planning committee)

* 3. I have been asked to share what I appreciate the most about my school.

* 4. I am invited to meetings at the school or district and asked to contribute to theĀ  group discussion. I believe my voice matters to the decisions made.

* 5. I am invited to help plan family involvement activities.

* 6. I am informed about school events and important school-related information.

7. When I volunteer in school, I am given the guidance and resources, if needed, to do my task well.

* 8. Parent meetings and activities at the school or district have translation services available if needed so I don't miss out on the information or discussion being addressed.

* 9. I receive information on what I can do at home to help my child improve or
advance his/her learning.

* 10. When my child's school communicates with me, it is easy for me to read or understand.

* 11. I have been given different options or ways that I can be involved with the school, either at the school itself, at home, or in the community.

* 12. If needed, I am given information about community services that help with families' needs (Health services, mental health services, counseling services, etc.)

* 13. SAFETY
14. My child's school is a friendly environment for students, parents, and families.

* 14. My child's school is a safe place to learn.

* 15. My child's school respects all cultures and diversity.

17. My child's teachers ask to meet with me face to face at least once a year to talk about how my child is doing.

* 17. If I have a question, concern or comment about my child, the teacher gets back to me right away.

* 18. My child's  Principal can be counted on to answer concerns or comments I may have about my child.

* 19. I receive information on what my child should learn and be able to do in each grade at school.

* 20. My child's teacher adjusts his/her teaching style to meet the academic needs of my child.

* 21. I believe my child is challenged by the school academic curriculum.

* 22. My child receives the academic support needed to meet his/her individual needs.

* 23. My child's teachers hold high expectations for my child.

* 24. My child(ren) attends the following school (mark all that apply)

* 25. I have had a child in Bear Valley Unified School District for:

* 26. Please provide any additional information that may enhance our ability to support the education of your child(ren).